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Is it easy to install a Thermocontrol station?

The station arrives in a cardboard box with 4 main parts to assembly. Thermocontrol can be assembled in half an hour with the included manual and tools. Online technical support is ready to help you 7 days a week.

After the assembly all is left is to plug it in, and the station is fully functional. To access the results logs, just log in from any device

How does screening work?

A station at the facility entrance displays an invitation to measure person’s temperature.

  1. A visitor approaches the station. Face and range sensors detect them and automatically adjust to their height. Thermocontrol Plus can also recognize a person and their name in the database.
  2. A measurement instruction is displayed.
  3. The station provides audio and video guidance to the user ensuring the correct measuring position.
  4. Thermocontrol measures temperature of the person’s face in several different points, it takes about two seconds to complete. Software selects the points least exposed to cooling/heating from the environment to provide the most optimal results.
  5. The result of the measurement is presented on the display and can be announced via speech synthesis. It is also stored in the measurement database.
How does Thermocontrol notify about high temperature?

There are three notification types:

  • Sound notification. An audio signal accompanies the measurement. The results can be announced via speech synthesis.
  • Visual notification. The result is displayed on the screen with different color schemes depending on the result: with the green palette if the temperature is normal and with the red one if it is higher
  • Software notification. Several notification types are available in the software: an email notification, an SMS or messenger notification, a CRM notification, or a Thermocontrol web service notification.
Why use Thermocontrol instead of a remote thermometer?

Remote thermometers measure temperature of just the spot where the sensor is directed. It can lead to errors as different parts of the face have different temperature, and sometimes the operator can measure incorrectly: with constant foot traffic it is easy to accidentally point the thermometer to an eyebrow, temple or other part of the face.

A maximum body temperature usually can be measured in the spot between the eyes at the top of a nasal bridge. Nasolacrimal canals located in that area are protected from outside temperature. Thermocontrol measures 10 points of a person’s face at the same time, and an algorithm determines the most optimal result. A visitor’s temperature can be measured with the highest precision, and remote thermometers cannot provide that. There are three major Thermocontrol’s advantages over these types of thermometers:

  1. Thermocontrol is faster. It takes just 5 seconds to screen one person. So, there are no lines at the entrance.
  2. No human interaction during the screening. It drastically reduces the chance of cross-contamination as well as ensures savings on staff expenses.
  3. Thermocontrol is more precise. With the measurement accuracy of 0.2°C and optimized algorithm removing any human factor, there are virtually no mistakes.
How can it be used after the COVID-19 crisis?

There are numerous indicators that temperature measurement becomes the new safety standard as it has been with metal detectors and surveillance cameras, and body temperature screening will be another part of everyday life. Moreover, Thermocontrol might be modernized to become either a medical stationary device or a checkpoint at the facility entrance. The process of the equipment modernizing takes just a few hours: our technical specialists arrive at your location, install the required hardware (passport scanner, access card dispenser, tonometer, breathalyzer, etc.) and set it up using special software.

How many different Thermocontrol models are available and how do they differ from each other?

We develop two models of screening stations: Thermocontrol and Thermocontrol Plus. The key difference between the two models is Thermocontrol Plus’ more advanced computing unit, as well as more sofisticated software. Thus, Thermocontrol Plus has face and speech recognition, an option of security system integration, and improved notification system with messengers and email notifications.

Thermocontrol Thermocontrol Plus
Contactless body temperature screening
User photo and measurement results logging
Measurement accuracy, °C 0.2 0.2
Immediate operator notification
Remote operator workplace with log access
User photo, name and measurement results logging
Security systems integration
Online video calling
Screenings per hour >600 >600
How can Thermocontrol be integrated with security systems?

1. Dry contact

Thermocontrol ships with an additional relay installed in its body. It is also necessary to make an insertion in the power circuit between the card reader and the access control system.

The card reader’s power circuit is always open unless the temperature is being measured. At the measurement moment, the power circuit is closed for 5 seconds, and the card reader can transfer data from the card to the access control system.

If temperature is not measured correctly or it is higher than normal, the card reader will not work and access will not be granted. In case of Thermocontrol Plus model, person’s full name, photo and the measurement result will be sent to the operator. A standard Thermocontrol station will send only the photo and the measurement result. If the station is integrated with the access control system, a request to deny the access will also be sent.

2. Software interaction with the access control system

This type of integration allows a face recognition module or a card reader to identify the person before temperature measurement takes place. Passport scans, QR codes and other identification methods can also be implemented on the client’s request. After the identification, the station measures the person’s temperature. If the measurement result is normal, a notification is sent to the access control system to grant the access. Otherwise, employee’s data and request to access denial are sent, and the person notified with audio message, and the text notification is displayed on the screen.