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Moscow City Skyscraper Installs Thermocontrol for Temperature Control

It measures the temperature of visitors and staff members.

An innovative screening station by Thermocontrol now controls foot traffic in Moscow’s business district. It measures the temperature of visitors and staff members. This device is the latest development of Thermocontrol, one of the largest robotics suppliers in Europe.

Thermocontrol features a contactless thermometer that measures temperature with 0.2°C accuracy. A single temperature check takes less than five seconds, with immediate transfer of the results to a secured database. This info includes the full name of a visitor or employee, their photo, and measurement result.

«Temperature screening is a necessity during the pandemic. A solution from Thermocontrol automates the process, and there are no lines at the entrance.» — says Alex Zabo, the director of Support Center Government Department, where Thermocontrol operates.

«For us, it is important to prove our solutions as very flexible in terms of implementation. They work in the private sector, government organizations, infrastructure. It is an honor for us to make an impact, even if it means simple temperature screening. Thermocontrol stations operate at most non-stop productions during the COVID-19 outbreak.» — says the representative of Thermocontrol.

Thermocontrol stations are now in use in Greece and Germany. A hundred more stations started operation in other European countries, with more than 200 Thermocontrols measuring temperature in Dubai.

According to John Hopkins University, more than 147 million people are diagnosed with Coronavirus at the time of this release. 85 million cases have been treated, while 3 million people have died from COVID-19.


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