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Thermocontrol Stations Monitor Temperature at Uralchem Facilities

Thermocontrol supplied three screening stations to URALCHEM, the largest ammonium nitrate producer in Eastern Europe. Employees take a temperature check every day before coming into the offices.

The devices conduct more than 1000 hourly measurements. Each one takes 5 seconds and provides 0.2°C accuracy.

Thermocontrol representative comments:

«We kept heavy industries in mind when creating our screening solutions. URALCHEM managed to continue working during the pandemic while also making sure the premises stay safe and virus-free. That is where Thermocontrol turns out to be the most viable solution: we provide a precise temperature measurement, comparing to imagers. The device is contact-free, excluding person-to-person contact.»

Thermocontrol solutions are autonomous; they operate entirely without people involved in their work. Each device has several key elements: an LCD screen, temperature sensor, and a durable metal stand. The standard version of Thermocontrol shows notifications and instructions on the temperature measurement. 

Thermocontrol Plus is an enhanced version of the device with face recognition and security system integration options. Measurements go into the database, with a photo of the user and time of screening.

According to the Director of the PMU branch of URALCHEM,

«URALCHEM has to be sure that potentially sick people would not enter the premises. Screening stations by Promobot have been implemented at our entrances, for visitors and personnel to undergo the screening procedure. It is crucial to ensure safety during the coronavirus pandemic.»

Thermocontrol is a device that is developed specifically to aid in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. According to John Hopkins University, more than 112 million people are diagnosed with Coronavirus at the time of this release. 63.2 million cases have been treated, while 2.4 million people have died from COVID-19.


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