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Thermocontrol at the Volvo dealer office: A Ferronordic AB story

Several months have passed since a worldwide lockdown was initiated across multiple countries. Only a limited number of people can visit their places of work and those people require constant body temperature screenings ― every 4 hours new results must be logged in order to continue working on the location.

An autonomous screening station Promobot Thermocontrol was installed at the head office of Ferronordic AB in order to solve this problem. Representatives of the Security Department at the Head Office of Ferronordic have discussed the new implementation.

Ferronordic is the official dealer of Volvo Construction Equipment, Dressta Mecalac and Rottne in several Eastern European countries. It provides road construction machinery, as well as the equipment for construction and other industries.

Currently, our head office is not operating at its full capacity. There are, however, certain times when our top management and service center specialists have to be present at the office. Thermocontrol station measures the temperature of 10 people every day. After our office is fully open and everybody can visit it will measure around 100 people daily.

In the process of finding a fitting solution we determined that the solution should allow us to exclude a member of personnel from the screening process. There is a significant exposure to the virus at the office entrance if one stays there for long periods of time. As a result, we would either have to conduct additional measures or involve even more employees in the process, distracting them from their duties.

We were looking for an autonomous solution that could also send notifications to our personnel responsible for the temperature screening process. We also needed to track the results and store them in the database. All of those functions can be fulfilled with Promobot Thermocontrol.

Thermocontrol is a screening station that doesn’t require a person’s involvement in the process of measurement. It works at a safe distance of 25 cm from the temperature sensor. The entire measurement process takes 5 seconds with measurement accuracy of 0,2 degrees. The station consists of a contactless thermometer, which is installed to a movable mechanism, a face detection camera, LCD display and speaker. All of that equipment is installed into the station’s metal frame.

The device measures temperature at the head office of the company. CDC recommends regular temperature measurement procedures for all business owners and companies worldwide.

Right now, Thermocontrol operates in testing mode ― and people at the company got used to it rather quickly, partly because of how easy it is to use and configure. We plug the device in, connect to Wi-Fi ― and it’s ready to work.

According to our guidelines, employees with high temperature have to be suspended from work temporarily. If high temperature is detected, another screening is conducted; if high temperature is confirmed we restrain the employee from visiting the office and send them to the hospital. So far there were no such cases ― our visitors’ temperature is mostly normal.

Ferronordic AB is the official distributor of Volvo Construction Equipment, Dressta, Mecalac and Rottne in Europe. It is an authorized service dealer of Volvo and Renault trucks, as well as a dealer of Volvo Penta In several regions in Eastern Europe.

The company was established in 2010 in Sweden. So far it operates in parts of Germany and several Eastern Europe and CIS countries with more than 80 branches open, employing a total of 1100 workers. Ferronordic shares are traded publicly on the main market of Nasdaq Stockholm.


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