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«It’s very convenient» ― How Thermocontrol works in Alpha Health Center

In April 2020, a checkpoint was organized at the entrance of an Alpha Health Center ― a clinic in Berezniki, Russia. It is designed to control temperature of medical workers and visitors to the clinic with obligatory temperature checks provided by a contactless screening station Promobot Thermocontrol. We discussed the process and why there is a need for such a device at a private clinic with Maria Shabalina, Chief Medical Officer of Alpha Health Center.

The Center was established 12 years ago and now operates in 11 major Russian cities, with clinics in Moscow, Tyumen, Rostov-on-Don, Perm, etc.

In Berezniki, Alpha Health Center serves one of the largest fertilizer production in the world ― Uralkali PJSC.

Thermocontrol station was installed at the clinic’s entrance and the measurement occurs even before approaching the reception desk.

How it works

At the entrance, several warning posters inquire the visitor to measure their temperature before proceeding. Same information is given by the receptionists.

A person approaches the terminal and assumes the right position using various instructions presented by the device. In a few seconds the measurement results are demonstrated on the display.

― It’s very convenient because firstly, you don’t need another person to participate in the process of screening; secondly, that person will not get in contact with potential carriers of the virus, which in turn prevents the spread of respiratory diseases.

If the temperature is too high, the personnel measures the temperature of that person again and looks for other symptoms of a respiratory infection.

Any personnel with high temperature is not allowed to proceed ― their diagnosis has to be determined first. If necessary, they can be sent on a sick leave almost immediately after recognition.

The process is different for visitors with high temperature ― since the initial information can be retrieved at the entrance, the workers already know if a person is sick and if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection, or even COVID-19. The process helps us ensure more safety and awareness at the premises.

The initial results

Around 300 people visit the clinic every day. In one month of Thermocontrol’s operation, two visitors with high temperature were detected by the device. They were sent on a sick leave shortly.

Additional functionality

Currently, Thermocontrol terminals log the results of every measurement in a database, which includes photos of people and their time of visit. The database can only be accessed by the authorized personnel: receptionists, security team, duty doctor and management. The functionality of the station is planned to be enhanced to assist medical workers.

— We see a potential in furthering the functionality of this device ― provide additional health measurements (height, weight, body mass index). We will probably need to measure blood saturation in the future ― this will show the amount of oxygen and sugar in blood, together with other information.


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