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Temperature screening stations to work in airports and corporate offices in Greece

Autonomous screening stations by Promobot have been purchased as part of a contract between the company and Globalsat S.A ― an automation and mobile service provider operating in Greece and Cyprus. The first three-piece set of devices is now on its way to Greece, with plans to be implemented at the company’s premises, as well as two of its customers. The company’s revenue for 2018 was estimated at 55,7 million Euros.

Earlier in April, the first shipment to Europe was arranged as part of a 300 000 Euro contract. In Greece, Thermocontrol devices will be operating at the offices of Globalsat’s business partners.

― Thermocontrol devices are going to be implemented to our company’s premises, as well as to our biggest B2B customers. Our B2B partners include top multinational and Greek companies as well as airports, hotels, public services and corporate buildings. Our Group of companies is continuously looking for opportunities in new product categories that deal with technology innovation. Promobot has a product range that can cover and be implemented in different corporate sectors that we consider as an opportunity for our Group. ― says Costas Agrafiotis, the General Manager of Globalsat.

Thermocontrol stations provide contactless temperature measurement that takes less than 5 seconds. They are designed for high throughput areas with the capacity of measuring up to 600 people per hour. The devices are equipped with a contactless thermometer and LCD-display to show measurement results and notifications. Thermocontrol Plus is an enhanced version of the station; it can recognize faces and be integrated with access and security systems of the building.

― Greece has become the second country in Europe that we supply with Thermocontrol stations. Right now, our solutions are featured at different facilities of all types in Germany, France, Greece and Cyprus. There are negotiations in place to further expand our network in Europe ― we are in the process of arranging several contracts rounding up at several hundred thousands of Euros. It proves that temperature screening may become the new public safety standard not only in Europe, but worldwide. ― says Oleg Kivokurtsev, CBDO of Promobot.

The solution is widely implemented in office buildings, at factories and production facilities, as well as public places of all types. For several weeks now, Thermocontrol stations have been measuring visitors and passengers at the Perm-2 train station and Avtovokzal bus station. They are an essential part of the personnel screening process at Novatek ― the second largest natural gas manufacturer ― and Uralchem ― the largest producer of ammonium nitrate in Russia.

According to John Hopkins University, more than 4,3 million people are diagnosed with Coronavirus at the time of this release. 1,5 million cases have been treated, while 297 000 people have died from COVID-19.


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