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Life after pandemic: which businesses will thrive in the brave new world

In the last few months, all of our most convenient services, parts of our routine and favorite pastimes have stopped working at worst or changed entirely and will never be the same at best. Isolation is our new life: instead of grocery shopping we use delivery services, and instead of going out to see a movie we browse Netflix or YouTube. Owners of small and medium businesses now have to ask themselves, what is going to be the next big thing in this new world ― and how can they be at the forefront of it.

Entertainment Content

Since people are all at home we have more free time and a very passive lifestyle on our hands. There would be no better occasion to consume as much content as possible, in all of its forms. From movies to series to audiobooks to news articles to VR and video games ― endless amounts of content available to us during the isolation. Most companies with focus on content creation not only kept their business during the crisis but managed to grow tenfold. And it’s not just in theory: in April, Disney was overthrown as the most expensive company by Netflix which witnessed an all-time peak of their stock market price.

Content creation is the biggest flavor of the month for every business amid the pandemic. Since most companies can’t provide services to their clients, they ensure people are still engaged with their product through content. Not much else to do while at home and on the Internet.

Online Education

A lot of people prefer other ways of spending their time besides consuming endless entertainment. Many turn their heads to education ― because it’s now or never. Self-isolation is the perfect time to acquire new skills and all the possible educational platforms will be in demand ― from arts lectures to Python programming courses.

People need to spend their energy somehow and if you think there’s something you would like to teach them in the process ― then go ahead!


Right now the only way of communication with clients is the Internet. Because of that, most businesses will soon turn much more digital if they haven’t already. We have spikes of demand for hosting services, web design studios, SMM agencies. On top of that, most freelancers and self-employed specialists in design, SEO and copywriting now find themselves getting more and more projects in their fields.

New Offline Services

The delivery services have been all the rage over the past few weeks. Even though people continue their self-isolation they still need to obtain the essentials somehow: groceries, clothes, medicine, hygiene products, documents, letters, books, household appliances, accessories, gadgets, kitchenware, pet products, contact lenses, batteries, light bulbs and millions of other things. Soon we’ll see more delivery services than there already is ― for all types of people with different approaches to service, something similar to the taxi industry.


For a lot of people self-isolation feels like a torture, to the point where they’re ready to risk their health (and breaking isolation restrictions) because it’s impossible to cope with staying at home. A lot of companies provide safe and lawful options of leaving the isolation. They include open-air spaces, spa, gyms, parks and other places that we haven’t seen in a while. It is a tricky business because there are all types of legal difficulties that arise in the process, not to mention disinfection and safety precautions. But those who can streamline the process will definitely see a lot of success.

Today, any business has to do three things: not panic, take a look around and start adapting to the new environment. Sounds simple, but nevertheless imminent ― and you cannot lose any more time.


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