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Thermocontrol screening station

Autonomous screening station for contactless temperature measurement in public areas. A check takes less than 5 seconds with 0.2 °C accuracy

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Prevents the COVID-19

Areas of application

Security desks
Personnel daily screenings at the start of the workday
Hospitals and clinics
Patients and personnel temperature monitoring at the facilities
Train stations and airports
Temperature checks for passengers arriving from other cities or countries
Infrastructure and government buildings
Can be installed in high throughput areas: schools, universities, stadiums, public service offices, and government buildings

These companies use Thermocontrol

How Thermocontrol works

1. A user comes to the station
2. Audio and visual instructions help them to prepare themselves for the measurement
3. Contactless thermometer measures their temperature
4. The result is then displayed on the screen
5. The entry is stored in the database
6. A staff member is notified if the user’s temperature is too high


Contactless thermometer and face recognition camera

The height-adjustable sensor measures temperature at the distance of 25 cm (10 inches)


The result is displayed on the screen with the green background if the temperature is normal and with the red one if it is higher


Built-in speakers provide audio assistance and remote communication with the operator


Adjustable height: measures at 3.2 ft. and at 7.2 ft.; suitable for kids and for adults alike

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Key features

Face recognition
Contactless body temperature measurement
Stores full name, measurement time and result in the database
Access system controls access based on the measurement result


Adjustable height: measures at 3.2 ft. and at 7.2 ft.; suitable for kids and for adults alike
No human interaction during the screening. Lower risks for the staff and significantly lower error rate
Manufactured in less than a day, ready to work right out of the box. No additional configuration or calibration needed
Fast measurement: a temperature check takes less than 5 seconds high 0.2 °C accuracy, which makes it the most accurate contactless thermometer on the market
Automated database for user photos and measurement results
Includes remote support and standard warranty

Available in stock

Thermocontrol is ready to be shipped out to any state, region or country
Available in stock

Technical specifications

Temperature measurement time
Measurement accuracy
Power supply
5 seconds
1656х977х509,6 (HхLхW) mm
40 kg
220/110 V, 50-60 Hz
5 seconds
65х38½х200½ (HхLхW) in
88 lb
220/110 V, 50-60 Hz

Installation step

Install Thermocontrol at the entrance
Setup notification system
Receive data in real time

Compare Thermocontrol to other solutions

Thermocontrol solutions Similar solutions
Thermocontrol Thermocontrol Plus Infrared imager Remote thermometer
Contactless body temperature screening
User photo and measurement results logging
Measurement accuracy, °C 0.2 0.2 0.3 — 0.5 0.3 — 0.5
Immediate operator notification
Remote operator workplace with log access
User photo, name and measurement results logging
Security systems integration
Online video calling
Screenings per hour > 600 > 600 800 200

These companies use Thermocontrol

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